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The Family Access Center provides links to information for parents and guardians like ParentVue, Food Services, Extended Day and School Talk.  Click here to go to the Family Access Center.

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access@APS Online Resources for Parents

access@APS  is where you will find information and new online services offered by Arlington Public Schools for parents.

ParentVueParentVUE is the first online service available for parents through access@APS.  ParentVUE gives you access to your children’s grades, schedule, attendance, assignments and more.  Parents will even fill out some of the First Day Packet information online using ParentVue.

Parents were mailed an activation code.  Please contact Vanessa Piccorossi if you did not receive a letter or there is a problem with your account. Students have access to StudentVUE.  They should not have access to ParentVUE.

The H-B community had a discussion about online grades access in November 2011.  Following this discussion, a letter that provides guidelines on handling this new tool was written and passed at Town Meeting.  The letter is posted below.

APS Grades Online is available 24 hours a day, on any computer with an internet connection, except during brief periods for maintenance.

Go to the Family Access Center webpage for more information about these and other communication services provided by APS.

Letter to H-B Woodlawn Parent Community regarding these services 

January 2012
Dear H-B Woodlawn parent community,

As you are probably aware, the county has mandated that all grades and attendance will be available online.  You will receive a password to access your student’s grades online.  The student body believes that online grades can be a useful tool.

HB Woodlawn is about trust, and the student community trusts that you will make appropriate use of this technology.  However, we also expect that you will give us the same trust in return.  We expect that the passwords will be shared between students and parents.  If you have a problem with your student’s grades or attendance, we expect that you will work together with the student to solve the problem.

We ask that you remember why you decided to send your kid to HB Woodlawn.  Presumably, you felt that the trusting environment was appropriate for your student.  We hope that you remember this reason now, and that we can work together to use the new system appropriately.


The HB Woodlawn students