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Dear H-B Woodlawn Parent, May 2015

The HBW PAC doesn’t ask you to buy wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, candy bars, or host school fairs or car washes. Instead, once a year we ask you to write a check to H-B Woodlawn. That’s it!

Why does HBW need to raise additional funds? The School Board’s budget doesn’t cover all the needs and wants of the faculty and staff of H-B Woodlawn. Check out some of the items that the No-Sweat Fundraiser helped to finance with the $45,636 that you donated:

  • Funding for technology integration in classrooms
  • Scholarships for the Chesapeake Bay Field Trip
  • Rockets to apply physics of motion
  • Funding for the Virginia Model General Assembly student workshop in Richmond
  • Equipment for the physical education classes
  • Microscopes for the biology lab
  • Funding to support Middle School Asperger’s Program
  • Keyboards for HILT iPads
  • Math manipulatives
  • Scholarships for the H-B Frisbee team
  • Upgrade equipment and software for the Film and Photo programs
  • Many small dollar purchases in support of our programs and activities

Our goal is to have some contribution from every family. We recommend every family consider a $60 donation. If you can give more than that, thank you very much! Larger donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated. All donations received will be put to good use! In the Fall of 2014, all available donations will be allocated among the many worthy requests we receive from staff, faculty and students.
Faylinda Kodis (Art), Carolyn Crumpler (Soc. Std.), Nancy Caruso (Asperger Program), Tom Mallan (Film/Photo), and the HILT Department teachers have written testimonials that describe how No-Sweat funds helped their students. You can see all the testimonials below. 
Unlike traditional fundraisers, there is no overhead and no expenses so 100% of your donation is used. And, every penny of your contribution is tax deductible, so save the bottom half of the form for your records. Consistent with National PTA Guidelines, the PAC endeavors to spend donations in the school year for which the funds are contributed and to maintain minimal carry-over from year to year.

You should have received an envelope with the letter in the mail. Is so, please use the return envelope to send your contribution. If you do not have the envelope, please send your check to:

H-B Woodlawn Program

4100 Vacation Lane

Arlington, VA 22207

Attn: Kathy Funes, Treasurer

Please make your check payable to H-B Woodlawn, and write “No-Sweat” on the memo line.
Thanks for your help!
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Frank Haltiwanger, Principal
Meredith Wadman & Laura Saul Edwards, PAC Chairs

2015 Testimonials

No-Sweat Testimonials

Meghan French – Science Lab Equipment

This year I ordered 7 new dissecting scopes for the department.  It helped out to be able to have pairs of students, each with their own scope. Labs ran more smoothly.  Thank you! –Meghan French, Biology teacher, 2015

Thomas Mallan – Film & Photo Equipment

The ‘No Sweat’ Fund made many things possible this year for both the Film and Photography programs.

In Photography, No Sweat continued its long commitment to helping us maintain our aging fleet of Pentax DSLR cameras, by helping us pay for some long-needed repair and cleaning, as well as helping to upgrade the Photo lab to include a more permanent, stable and sturdy backdrop for portraits and the like.  Both the equipment and the backdrops can be shared with the film department and have also been used to help students document or create projects in all the other subject areas.

In Film, No Sweat continued to support a portion of the Film program’s hosting the Arlington Student Filmfest, which makes H-B a hub for students who make films at all the other schools in the County where there is no film program to support them.

No Sweat also assisted with the ongoing slow upgrade to more state-of-the art video cameras as the school’s 10-year-old fleet of them continues to obsolesce.

Finally most dramatically, No Sweat made a first foray into assisting the Film program to continue beyond the County’s support of our computer needs: as APS goes to 1-to-1 laptops and ipads, they have declared they will stop replacing the desktop machines required for video editing.  No Sweat purchased a Mac Pro computer for us last year and that is the first in our anticipated need to supply our own desktops for filmmaking.  The computer is powerful and has already helped create several HD videos that the older computers cannot process, including DVDs of this year’s Lizzy Strata and Footloose productions.  A single computer has allowed us to serve the film needs of over 200 students!

See all our latest student films at
Find out what HBW Photo’s been up to at
Thomas Mallon, Film & Photo Teacher 2015

Students – Model General Assembly 

Here are some testimonials from students from Model General Assembly, for which we got No Sweat $$ to cover some of the costs for the trip:

“I thought that the MGA trip was really fun. This was my first time and Iwill definitely return next year. I liked debating all of the differentbills and meeting new people from all over the state. Now that I have beento an MGA event I am better prepared to write my bill for next year. It was a great learning experience about how ourlaws are made. My dad used to work for a member of Congress and he saidthat MGA sounded very similar to the way laws are actually passed.”B. G., sophomore 

“Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my MGA experience. I thought this was an awesome field trip that provided me with many fun social and educational activities. I was surprised at how much I learned, and that I developed a new interest in government. I had an amazing time meeting all the different people from Virginia as well. I definitely met some characters I will never forget. I truly enjoyed writing bills with the fellow underclassmen, and learning about the Supreme Court. It was very cool to be spoken to by an actual delegate and legislator! I learned so much more about the VA government and can’t wait to expand on it as well. I not only plan on attending next year, but can’t wait! Next year I hope to go as a lobbyist”.S. A., freshman

2014 Testimonials

Nancy Caruso – Class Field Trips & Instructional Materials

We have been so grateful to receive “No Sweat” funds this year to help fund our Community Based Instruction (CBI) trips. These trips help the student’s in HB Woodlawn’s Asperger’s program take the social skills they have learned in the classroom and utilize/practice them in real life settings. This year, we also used our funds to purchase more games and sensory tools for our classroom and make it a fun and safe place for all students to be. Thank you so much to those who have donated – we couldn’t do it without you! – Nancy Caruso, teacher Asperger program, 2014

Thomas Mallan – Film & Photo Equipment

Thanks to No Sweat, both the H-B Photo and H-B film departments have been able to purchase additional cameras, lenses, lighting and sound upgrades that allow students–from middle school to the most advanced upper classmen–soar to new heights of expression and creativity with higher production values than ever. More and better equipment means more access, round the clock, and students (from in and outside the film and photo classes) have been rising to the increased opportunity: with projects in production on campus and off, seven days a week! More students than ever are entering and winning contests, festivals, fundraisers and more with short films and photos alike.

Thanks to No Sweat, H-B will host the second annual APS Student Film Fest on June 6 and 7, inviting students from every school in Arlington to enter their films for feedback and prizes, and to see their films screened at a large public event at H-B. This raises H-B’s visibility as a true hub for artistic kids from all over the County to meet and learn from professionals, and their peers. No Sweat’s grant makes possible the Fest-Eve event in a Friday night ‘lock-in’ event on the 6th, when students from all over Arlington will form new teams and plan, shoot and edit new films, all in one evening!

See all our latest student films at
Find out what HBW Photo’s been up to at
Thomas Mallon, Film & Photo Teacher 2014

Faylina Kodis – Exhibition Panels

Even though I made the request, I had no idea how useful the new exhibition panels would be! These 6-foot high panels are on wheels, very lightweight and therefore, easy to move. Their versatility has made it possible to locate the panels in different places for different uses. Along with exhibition, the black cloth covered panels have been used for peer critique.  Recently, the students wheeled the panels to the auditorium lobby where the Art 2 class gathered to admire and comment on each other’s colored pencil drawings.  A thread in the peer commentary was how great all the work looked “upright” and “against a solid black background.”

The photography program has used the panels for backdrops for photo shoots. The panels will make an appearance at Cabaret, our high school talent evening, allowing student artists to showcase their artwork. These panels were priced outside of the art budget, so thank you No Sweat for this terrific funding!– Faylinda Kodis, Visual Arts teacher, 2014

HILT Department – iPad Minis & Charging Cart

The HILT teachers and students sincerely wish to thank the No Sweat Fund for their generosity in purchasing 10 more ipad minis and a charging/syncing station this school year. Now we have a secured, class set of ipads on which we do daily work on research projects and on-line, teacher guided reading and quizzes that greatly help our students to improve their English and move more rapidly toward integrating into mainstream classes. Thank you No Sweat! –  Mignon Kery, Michael Coughlin, Jennifer Hamilton, HILT teachers, 2014

2013 Testimonials

No-Sweat Testimonials

Nancy Caruso – Class Field Trips

Our class was lucky enough to receive “No Sweat” funds this year to help fund our Community Based Instruction (CBI) trips. These trips help the student’s in HB Woodlawn’s Asperger’s program take the social skills they have learned in the classroom and utilize/practice them in real life settings. I am so grateful to have this enrichment opportunity for such a deserving group of students. – Nancy Caruso, teacher Asperger program, 2013

Mark Dickson and Kris Kappmeyer – American Mathematics Competition (AMC) Team

How many sequences of zeros and ones of length 20 have all the zeros consecutive, or all the ones consecutive, or both?

a) 190   b) 192   c) 211   d) 380    e) 382

HBW’s AMC math team tackled this and other mind-bending questions as part of this year’s American Mathematics Competition.  This 25 question, 75 minute exam, is a national competition offered annually and is on the first step toward forming the USA Mathematical Olympiad Team.  This year, twelve high school students from H-B competed, and they regularly attended lunch sessions to prepare for the exam.  They performed very well on this difficult exam, and we are proud of them. In fact, one H-B student did so well that he actually reached the next level. His reward: getting to take the three-hour American Invitational Math Exam!

H-B’s math team also participates in the Virginia Math League which consists of six monthly contests. These contests provide a great opportunity for students to stretch their problem-solving abilities by working on non-traditional problems. Over the past five years, H-B Woodlawn has been Arlington’s cumulative top-scoring school three times, and has come in second twice.

Thank you, parents, for your generous support. Your donations help us to pay our Virginia Math League dues and to purchase exam packets for all our contests & competitions. (The answer is E!) Mark Dickson and Kris Kappmeyer, 2013

Faylinda Kodis – Art Supplies

What a difference No Sweat Funds made in the art room this year! Thank you, No Sweat for making it possible for everyone in my classes to have a drawing board to tape their paper to and a palette for mixing paints.The extra easels in the art room allow a number of students to work standing up. We use the easels for critiques – each student has the opportunity to showcase their art work in an upright position and solicit feedback from their classmates. The funding is very much appreciated by all the art students!  Faylinda Kodis, Visual Arts Teacher 2013

Maggie Wiseman – Chemistry Equipment

I received funding for Vernier Lab Quests and probes to use in science lab. Students in my classes have used them frequently to graphically see temperature changes in real time, compare pH and conductivity of acids, to determine the concentration of substances based on their color and measure reaction rates based on color fading, to measure pressure changes with volume and with temperature as well as use them to measure specific physical quantities. They are an excellent addition to the science lab because of the ease with which students can see changes, the fun of using technology and the ability to get many students involved in the data collection and analysis. – Maggie Wiseman, Chemistry Teacher, 2013

Theresa Flynn – New Furniture in the Library

The HBW library has been reborn, thanks to generous donations from PAC No-Sweat over the last two years, allowing us to put in new tables, chairs, carrels, and circulation desks. The coordinated furniture in jewel tones and light oak has brightened up the whole space, making it look fresh, open and welcoming. The tables no longer rock back and forth, there are enough chairs for large crowds, and all furniture elements are now ADA accessible. I cannot thank you enough for putting the crowning touch on a decade-long effort to regrow this library for the 21st Century. Thanks so much. –  Theresa Flynn, Librarian 2013