More Seats for Students – How it affects H-B Woodlawn

**Call To Action!  There are a large number of community engagement opportunities surrounding the issue of middle school crowding and options for finding 1300 new middle school seats. The School Board will make its decision on December 18th, so time is of the essence.  Please sign up for one or more of these opportunities and let your voice be heard.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Colston, Chair of the H-B PAC Capacity Committee ( or Laura Saul Edwards, Co-Chair of the PAC (**
What Is Going On With Overcrowding?APS projects a 1,600-seat shortfall in secondary schoolseats over the next ten years.  Ayear-long review of alternative solutions culminated in the School Boardadopting a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) on June 16, 2014.  The CIP calls for 1,300 new secondary school seats in the northernpart of the county, at a location to be determined, to be ready by start ofschool, September 2019.  The CIP includesa proposed 10-year school bond level and specifies that a decision on where theadditional seats will be located be made by December 31, 2014.

APS and the School Board have embarked on a communityengagement process leading up to a December 18th School Boardvote.   The process going forward differs from last Spring’s community engagement process because of the School Board-approved CIP.  The CIP results in a constrained timeframe tomake a decision and a fixed funding stream. The approved alternative must fit within the aggregate 10-year bondinglevel and the proposed 2014-15 bond issue which will be voted on this November.

What Alternatives Are Being Considered?

Alternatives for new construction being considered are:
— build a 1,300 seat secondary school at theWilson School site in western Rosslyn,
— relocate the H-B and Stratford programsto a new building at the Reed School site in Westover while building a 1,300 seat secondaryschool at H-B’s current site and
— build additions at 4-5 existing  middle schoolstotaling 1,300 additional seats.

TheSchool Board could choose a combination of these alternatives, e.g., several additions plus a smaller building at the Wilson site.  As important as where new buildings/additions will be constructed is who will be housed in them.  For instance, theSchool Board could choose to relocate H-B to a new building on the Wilson siteand convert Stratford into a neighborhood middle school, as some in theneighborhood advocate.

APS has awarded architectural/engineering contracts to evaluate possible construction options at the Wilson, Stratford and Reed School sites.  These evaluations are due from the architects in late September.
What’s Next?

APS staff willpresent an analysis of alternatives to the School Board on Oct. 9, theSuperintendent will recommend a preferred alternative to the School Board on Nov.18, and the School Board will vote on the alternatives Dec. 18.

 How Do I Get Involved?

— Come to the Sept. 16 PAC meeting,
— participate in the SchoolBoard’s community outreach process,

–join the H-B PAC’s Capacity Committee byemailing Kristen Colston at kristenmcolston@gmail.comand

–like the LoveHB Facebook page.

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