New Wilson and Stratford Building Designs

In December 2014, the School Board approved a new school at the Wilson site, 1601 Wilson Blvd., to house the HB Woodlawn Secondary Program.  At the same time, the School Board approved the expansion and modification of the Stratford Building, HB Woodlawn’s current location, to house a new middle school.  The design of both these schools is being guided by Building Level Planning Committees (BLPC) comprised of APS staff, teachers, parents, students, and affected community groups.

Wilson Site BLPC:

Additional Information Regarding the Proposed Design of the New Wilson Building

The two letters below provide important information regarding the proposed design of the new Wilson Building, current project costs, and the potential impact of inadequate funding levels on the ability of APS to meet the minimum education-related requirements of students attending school in this new building.

November 2, 2015 letter from Melissa McCracken, Chair, Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) for the Wilson Project: Wilson BLPC Letter

November 11, 2015 letter from Kelly M. King, Chair, the Advisory Council on School Facilities and  Capital Programs (FAC): FAC Letter