March Book Madness, 2024

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Voting has begun!

The library has the books on display!

Which titles will win in the competition between NEW FICTION vs. PAST CHAMPS?

March Book Madness focuses H-B on sixteen books written for the middle grades that compete to be the most popular among our Middle School Readers.  High School students focus on a list of Young Adult (YA) Literature.

It’s a wildly popular international tournament of books! Here’s how we do MBM at our school…


Book Summaries Here:

Learn about the books above by using your browser (Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome) to log in to our catalog to read book descriptions! We have audio-books and e-books for many titles!

Middle Grade Books <— our catalog link. You can also look under “collections” when you log in to the library’s catalog.  (Or use this colorful slide show from Williamsburg’s TAB librarian!

Young Adult Books


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Voting for Middle Schoolers has started:

Start by  logging in with your Safari browser at in order to vote in two places by Tuesday night each week in March:

  1.  VOTE HERE to pick which book you think will win it all!
  2. VOTE HERE if you want to vote on the top 16 for H-B.
  3. International Poll – vote here,  too (optional! Starts late February)

Join TAB meetings!  Every Friday in March to discuss the books!

Voting for High Schoolers:

Vote here (starting late Feb) in the international poll for YA fiction each round, starting March 1.

Learn more from the International March Book Madness organization here.


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