Help for students with MacBook Airs

Personalized Learning Devices Handbook –  This hand- book outlines many of the responsibilities students need to learn to be responsible, ethical users of technology. It provides information and resources for teachers, students and families so that we may work in partnership to guide students’ responsible use of technology as they grow into informed, ethical users.

General set up help

How to Save your Files before your Laptop is reimaged –  make sure you don’t lose any of your files!

How to Set up your MacBook Air (students) – whether your laptop is new or just reimaged, follow these steps

Installing and Activating Office 365 on your Mac – video 2:00

How to set up a Printer via IP (students)

Using Google Drive Folder to sync files – save everything to your Google Drive folder.  Select only the folders you want to sync!

Common Problems

Bypass the Filter video 2:00

Fixing the date and time video 1:14 – When your battery drains completely you will lose your date & time settings.  You won’t be able to access the internet or do much else.

General Mac Help

Log out, sleep, restart or shut down video 1:00

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