Sports / Celebrities / Pop Culture

Abundant imagery and specific information dedicated to the detailed study in these databases:

  • Pop Culture Collectioninside MackinVia. It’s helpful for researching sports topics, trends in culture and celebrity culture that was popular at a particular point in history, especially since the 1950’s. Scholars have contributed articles that demonstrate changing depictions, attitudes and tastes.
  • Ebsco Host – click “research databases” then “select all” and  then de-select ERIC and K-8 resources when you search all the rest of the research databases at once. Very important: use the filters on the side of your search results to select “full text.” Ebsco sometimes mentions articles in the universe, but does not provide the full text for MANY of them.
  • Salem History has a section called FASHION INNOVATORS and LATINOS– this is one of the HBW-specific “Gale Databases”  found in MackinVia
  • Oxford Art – look for it in MackinVia
  • Oxford Music – look for it in MackinVia
  • Gale E-books has some “shelves” with biographies in different categories; look for reference sources there
  • Gale Biography in Context – for celebrities
  • Proquest E-book Centralinside Mackinvia. Full books on research topics.  Chapters of a full length book might help.Less likely… but if your topic is very academic, try…
  • Academic OneFile from Gale – helpful for magazine and journal articles (and some images)

Use also our library catalog linked on our menu and use broad terms for research.

Sports Books are in the 790’s of our nonfiction section.  We have a vast number of biographies and memoirs of Sports figures, too, and a growing number of e-books. Use the library catalog linked in our menu to be thorough.