How to access the Library Databases

Debbie’s 6th grade students are studying weather. The library recommends these resources for exploration:


  • Kids Info Bits – you can browse the science categories of this database for articles, images and links
  • Science in Context – browse or perform an “advanced search” to find videos, news, images
  • BrainPop is linked from Debbie’s Canvas Course Menu. Debbie has the password
  • NewsELA is linked from Debbie’s Canvas Course Menu for current events about weather

Multi-user E-Books:

Use your i-Pad’s MackinVia App and find over 5000 e-books that have been offered for many readers to enjoy at once (until September 2020.)  Here are just a couple of the books we find when we look up “Weather” and filter with the “multi-user” option under “more.”

  • 12 things to know about wild weather by Kallio, Jamie
  • Vapor, rain, and snow : the science of clouds and precipitation by Fleisher, Paul.
  • Weather patterns by Hand, Carol
  • Doppler radar, satellites, and computer models : the science of weather forecasting by Fleisher, Paul.
  • Hurricanes by McAuliffe, Bill
  • Hydrologist by Gregory, Josh
  • Junior scientists. Experiment with weather by Orr, Tamra.

BEGIN the process of logging in with this school name: H-B Woodlawn…  (notice the hyphen between the H and the B… and the spaces…) Then your i-Pad will take you to the next step where you use your lunch number and password required for APS network logins.

Single User E-Books:

At this link, find descriptions of amazing e-books in H-B’s library’s collection. Log in to the library’s catalog to check them out. Each title can be signed out by only one user at a time. So remember to “return” your e-book to our catalog when you finish with it. (After 3 weeks, the e-book automatically returns itself.) More detail:  How to access H-B Library e-books.

H-B Library’s e-books about weather include the following titles listed above and also available directly from your MackinVia app.

  • Climate change : our warming Earth – Hand, Carol
  • How does weather change? – Boothroyd, Jennifer
  • Investigating the carbon cycle – Lindeen, Mary
  • Life in a coral reef – Schuetz, Kari
  • Life in oceans – Coss, Lauren
  • Life science through infographics – Higgins, Nadia
  • Natural disasters through infographics – Higgins, Nadia
  • Ocean : a visual encyclopedia – Woodward, John
  • People and the planet – Sirota, Lyn A.
  • Solar power – Bailey, Diane
  • Understanding global warming with Max Axiom, super scientist – Biskup, Agnieszka
  • Weather and climate through infographics – Rowell, Rebecca
  • What is severe weather? – Boothroyd, Jennifer
  • Why?. The wind blows – Orr, Tamra
  • Why?. There is day and night – Brennan, Linda Crotta
  • Why?. We have hurricanes – Orr, Tamra
  • Why?. We have tornadoes – Brennan, Linda Crotta
  • Wild weather – Perritano, John
  • Wind – Cox Cannons, Helen
  • Wind power – Bailey, Diane