Energy Sources

How to access the Library Databases

Bill’s students are studying sources of energy. The library recommends these resources for exploration:


  • Kids Info Bits – you can browse the science categories of this database for articles, images and links
  • Science in Context – browse or perform an “advanced search” to find videos, news, images
  • Brainpop is linked from Bill’s Canvas Course Menu. Bill has the password
  • NewsELA is linked from Bill’s Canvas Course Menu for current events about weather

Multi-user E-Books:

Use your i-Pad’s MackinVia App and find multi-user e-books.

Use your i-Pad’s MackinVia App and find over 5000 e-books that have been offered for many readers to enjoy at time until September 2020. (That means you don’t have to wait on line for it if it is currently checked out by another patron.) Here are just a couple of the books we find when we look up “Power Resources” and filter with the “multi-user” option under “more.”

  • The 12 biggest breakthroughs in energy technology by Eboch, M. M.
  • Critical perspectives on fossil fuels vs. renewable energy by Cunningham, Anne C.
  • Powering a city by Willett, Edward
  • Energy supply by Hunter, Rebecca

Here are just a couple of the 65 multi-user e- books Maggie found when she looked up “electricity.” Loaded with graphics, glossaries. Some even have experiments to try.

  • Electricity by Anderson, Michael
  • Energy technology by Hulick, Kathryn
  • Natural gas power by Bailey, Diane
  • Nuclear power by Bailey, Diane
  • Ocean energy by Murray, Laura K.

BEGIN the process of Logging in with this school name: H-B Woodlawn…  (notice the hyphen between the H and the B… and the spaces…) Then your i-Pad will take you to the next login step (from APS) where you use your lunch number and password required for APS logins.

Single User E-Books:

Use THIS LINK to get descriptions of amazing e-books that H-B’s library has. We login to the library’s catalog to find them and check them out. Each title can be signed out by only one user at a time. So remember to “return” your e-book to our catalog when you finish with it. (After 3 weeks, the e-book automatically returns itself.)  How to access H-B Library e-books.

H-B Library’s e-books about energy included the following great titles; see a longer list here.

  • Poop is power! – Koontz, Robin Michal
  • Climate change : our warming Earth – Hand, Carol
  • How does weather change? – Boothroyd, Jennifer
  • Investigating the carbon cycle – Lindeen, Mary
  • Natural disasters through infographics – Higgins, Nadia
  • Natural gas power – Bailey, Diane
  • The nitrogen cycle – Dakers, Diane
  • Nuclear power – Bailey, Diane
  • Ocean : a visual encyclopedia – Woodward, John
  • People and the planet – Sirota, Lyn A.Really rotten truth about composting – Mangor, Jodie
  • Solar power – Bailey, Diane
  • Swept away : the story of the 2011 Japanese tsunami – Rissman, Rebecca
  • Understanding global warming with Max Axiom, super scientist – Biskup, Agnieszka
  • Weather and climate through infographics – Rowell, Rebecca
  • Why?. The wind blows – Orr, Tamra
  • Wind – Cox Cannons, Helen
  • Wind power – Bailey, Diane