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Arlington’s Local History

Books:  Consult the library’s RESOURCE LIST called “Arlington Local History” (inside the Destiny Catalog) to find some rare books that are loaded with primary sources and stories related to Arlington’s history. They’ll be “reserved reading” for use during your I-Block in the library until Sept. 24; after that researchers can check them out.

Articles available online: 

  1. History of H-B from H-B Woodlawn’s Web Site .  = Read this.
  2. Resources for learning more of H-B Woodlawn’s History compiled by H-B’s students and students.
  3. Sit-Ins Come to Arlington” from WETA’s Boundary Stones Blog.
  4. Stratford School… gets Historic District Designation” from Washington Post
  5. Crossing the Divide: The desegregation of Stratford Junior High wasn’t a finish line in the march for civil rights. from Arlington Magazine
  6. 60th Anniversary Celebration of Arlington’s Desegregation.
  7. more coming soon.  Recommend your great sources for Maggie to add here!

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