How to Access Databases         Why use Databases?

Access information about…

  • Authors’ Works – how to find
  • Authors’ Lives – Biographical Information
  • Literary ThemesGood vs. Evil…Motherhood… Sacrifice…War…Individuality – these are all themes.  How can you locate writing on a specific theme?
  • Literary Movements:  the historical period, authors and works that shaped the timeline of how literature developed over the centuries with new formats, themes, and prominent writers
  • Literary Criticism: book reviews and essays about specific works and authors

Project Guides:

Is your project an “Author Study?  Use the links above to answer essential questions:

  • How can I find a sampling of texts by that writer– for ex., books, poems, essays, short stories…
  • How can I better understand, generally, the times in which she lived?  (Use historical databases and books about the place, events and important figures of the time for historical context.)
  • How can I learn about the specific life story of the author, i.e., a brief biographical overview, or for more depth, a full-length memoir or a biography?
  • How can I better understand the LITERARY MOVEMENT(s) to which he/she may have contributed or which he/she rejected?
  • How can I find essays or book reviews (called literary criticism) that comment on the themes and impact of that specific author?

Additional Project Guides: