Literary Criticism

Databases        (get to them this way)

  • DO NOT MISS the “Literature” section of the Gale E-books database
  • Gale Literature is MUCH larger
  • Books and Authors (from Gale)
  • JSTOR (for scholarly, peer reviewed articles from journals)
  • Proquest E-book Central (for full length e-books); contains doctoral theses recently published from leading universities.  Many of these books focus on a particular author’s work.

Books in each “decade” of the 800’s of our print collection critique particular authors according to original language/region of the work, i.e., Criticism of American works (810s); Criticism of English works (820s.)

For books published in the past decade, a “Google” search for “Book Review” AND “title” can help surface professionally written book reviews online– but not likely many of them.  Note the source; New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post are newspaper sources of outstanding reviews.  Amazon, on the other hand, often publishes biased reviews written by friend of the author or publisher looking to help her sell more books. Good Reads “crowd sources” reviews from amateur readers and librarians.