College and Career Planning

APS provides a “College and Career Corner” planning page. It’s a place to start. Don’t miss its Resources/Links or the Naviance explanation.

H-B’s portal to college and career information is your place to focus in. That “College Corner” is kept up to date thanks to H-B’s incredible Fatima. She is our Guidance Secretary who communicates through Naviance accounts (and students’ APS g-mail address as default) with students to support the college application process.  Resources posted for H-B’s Junior/Seniors and Parents can’t be beat!  Don’t miss the “Junior Night” handout which has a helpful timeline for planning your final 15 months at H-B.

Highlights from Arlington Career Center, a section of APS that serves children and adult learners in Arlington:

  • PRIME is a mentorship opportunity for gifted and career focused juniors and seniors. Applications are due in January for following summer.
  • Some H-B juniors and seniors take courses in the morning at the Arlington Career Center/ Arlington Tech to achieve:

College Rep Visits:   On-campus visits to H-B are listed in the lower right corner of Naviance’s home page and on Fatima’s calendar outside her office.

Virtual Tours for colleges: Links.

Visiting College Campuses –  checklist of things to do there.

APS Information on Dual Enrollment – while planning coursework in junior and senior year at H-B, students can get credit for HS courses and also for college.  A video there from provides a recorded session of a presentation by NOVA which especially strong in the last 30 minutes when it discusses how students with disabilities can advocate for selves in college.

Co-VID 19’s impact: Washington-Liberty HS provides resources on the impact of the pandemic on college admissions process. Washington Post article (January, 2021) addresses increased applications to elite schools like UVA since the SAT and ACT will not occur as usual.

Naviance is software provided by APS to help students build resumes, take interest inventories, understand their own strengths for selecting careers, explore colleges suited to their learning interests and achievement levels, and manage all of the documents one uses to file college applications and apply teacher recommendations. Applying for area scholarships and internships? See the big list of contact information there, too.  Learn more with this document from APS At H-B, Fatima is the one to contact if parents want to set up their parent account in Naviance. It is useful to viewing some of the content the student is building there such as their “profile” based on interest inventories under “About me.”

H-B Woodlawn’s Library has these college AND CAREER PLANNING books. some of which are e-books. (The links operate most smoothly for H-B Library patrons if you are already logged in to the library’s catalog via the library’s home page.)

Arlington Public Library assists patrons for college applications and job applications. Learn more, use APL’s online resources, and set up an appointment with the specialized librarian.

Achieving your high school diploma as an adult:  APS’s Langston offers High School Continuing Education Program.

Is Arlington Tech an option for full time in high school?  Learn more.

The College Board has tremendous resources to assist families, including:

For Summer Internships, Scholarships, Jobs, Gap Year, etc.  APS’s Comprehensive High Schools might have info to mine at their web sites.  Students can inquire with guidance counseling staff there to learn if their base high school has a “Transition Officer” who helps special needs students with software called “Virtual Job Shadow.” That software duplicates many of the features that Naviance provides, but with a greater focus on bridging into the work world.  It provides videos for career exploration, interest inventories and links to job and internship postings that are otherwise not available without paying for the service by linkage to

Students can do an internet search for “Gap Year” (or on Twitter, try #gapyear) and find many private companies that arrange study years abroad and in the US. It’s a growing industry; representatives of such companies often attend APS College and Career fairs to set up information tables.  Money Magazine published this 2020 article to advise readers about Gap Year during CoVid-19.

TJHSST College and Career Center Newsletters Resources that moms and dads and the career counselor at a Fairfax County magnet school put together to help students learn about unusual internships, scholarships and college applications.  It is publicly available.  Obviously, the college visits that are announced in TJ’s schedule might not be available to students not on their campus, but there are many other links for college prep students (particularly those that are STEM related.)

Applying for a work permit as a youth:

Youth Employment Certificates:

Computer Science pathways offered at H-B, 2022-2023: link.


After acceptance to college…

Students with Disabilities can apply this important Transition Guide to Post-secondary Education and Employment, 2020 from the US Department of Education. Recommended by NOVA’s office for students to understand how students arrange for accommodations in college (after they depart high school and the use of IEP’s.)

Substance Abuse Recovery – get support in college with resources here.

Mental Health Challengesarrange (proactively) getting support college with resources here.