Art “How To” Instruction

Video Collections Online:

  • WikiHow – Sample Search:  “draw a cityscape” “draw perspective” “draw in 3-D”
  • You-Tube – Sample Search: “art techniques”
  • Khan Academy – Sample Search “linear perspective or “chiaroscuro.”  See and Tools for Undertanding Art to see techniques such as foreshortening, surface and depth, and chiaroscuro examined. Has a section on “Art History basics” that touches on some techniques that emerged in particular eras.
  • National Gallery of Art – videos are strong on “art history” but provide some “how to’s” such as “Drawing in Silver and Gold” and “Investigating Rothko’s Technique.”
  • Art Institute of Chicago – look at Renoir’s colors… art restoration.
  • Sample Search on Google “How to draw” AND video 

Other Web Resources:

  • Database HBW has: Oxford Art – articles about key aspects of techniques.
  • The Art Story – read about artistic movements, representative artists and techniques developed within them.
  • Smashing Magazine has tutorials in several categories:  Art (watercolors, etc.), Sketching, Drawing, and includes some focused tutorials such as “how to draw hair” and “how to draw lips.”

Videos on DVD – Browse the 700’s in our library’s video collection. Use the library’s catalog and search “All Arlington Public Schools” for videos we can obtain through inter-library loan.  Sample Search:  “art” AND “techniques” AND “video.”

Books:  Use the Library Catalog and search “All Arlington Public Schools” – sample search combine these terms in a Power Search   Art — Technique as a subject… and perspective as a keyword.  We have recently acquired several new books on perspective and they are located at 742 in our nonfiction section. Books throughout our 700s contain explanations of the techniques used by the masters.