Art, Fashion, Music, Film

How to Access Databases         Why use Databases?

Find abundant imagery and specific information dedicated to the detailed study in these databases:

  • Salem History has a section called FASHION INNOVATORS– this is one of the HBW-specific “Gale Databases” 
  • Oxford Art – look for it in MackinVia
  • Oxford Music – look for it in MackinVia
  • Gale E-books has an important resource on fashion on the “Art” shelf and another on the “History” shelf.
  • Pop Culture Collectioninside MackinVia. It’s helpful for researching music, fashion, art, film, celebrity culture that was popular at a particular point in history, especially since the 1950’s. Scholars have contributed articles that demonstrate changing depictions, attitudes and tastes.
  • Ebsco Host – click “research databases” and de-select ERIC and K-8 resources when you search all the rest of the research databases at once.
  • Proquest E-book Centralinside Mackinvia. Full books on research topics.
  • Academic OneFile from Gale – helpful for magazine and journal articles (and some images)
  • Film: (use also keyword “cinema” if you are studying qualities of movies) is covered to a good extent in the Gale Literature.  Other resources listed in our “Literature” Research Guide are worth giving a try!