iPad – General Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting on an iPad

Everyone with an iPad should be familiar with these general troubleshooting tips.

  • Connecting to wifi – Go to settings – WiFi
    • When connecting to APS network, only use your ID# and password (no @apsva.us).  Accept the security certificate.
    • Only connect to APS at school. Never attempt to connect to APS.Visitor, APS.Guest, etc.  This will cause problems
    • Try turning wifi on and off again
    • Select the i icon next to the wifi and “Forget This Network”.  Then connect to APS again.
  • Force restart – hold the home and power button down until the white apple logo appears.  This will resolve most issues.
  • Can’t remember device password – Do not restart your iPad!!!  Teri can remove your device lock for you if the iPad is on wifi.
  • Trouble with Accessibility Settings – your iPad may turn on certain accessibility settings such as voiceover, zoom or inverted colors when you do certain tapping or gesturing
    • Go to Settings – General – Accessibility and try to disable the accessibility setting
  • Reset Settings – If the above doesn’t resolve your issues we may need to reset your iPad by erasing all content. You can do this in Settings, but if you do, make sure you follow all the set up instructions. You may want to see Teri first to make sure all of your content has been saved.