Help for Students with iPads

hands holding iPadHow to set up a new APS iPad – setting up your iPad after it has been wiped or reset is easy.  Check here for a few extra settings you may forget.

Personalized Learning Devices Handbook –  This hand- book outlines many of the responsibilities students need to learn to be responsible, ethical users of technology. It provides information and resources for teachers, students and families so that we may work in partnership to guide students’ responsible use of technology as they grow into informed, ethical users.

General Guidelines

  • Keep your case on your iPad – The case APS gave you is very protective.  Do not remove or replace the case.
  • Bring your iPad to school every day.
  • Charge your iPad at home every evening before you go to bed.  Your iPad battery will last all day if it is fully charged in the morning.  Set up a charging station at home and get into a good routine.
  • Keep track of your iPad.  Don’t leave it behind. Check Find My iPhone to try to locate your iPad.  Notify Teri if you can’t find your iPad.
  • Report all problems to Teri promptly.
  • Install apps from the App Catalog iOS App Catalog icon only.  Apps in the App Catalog must comply with FERPA and COPPA federal laws for the privacy and protection of children. The public App store icon showing App Store is not allowed is blocked on student iPads. Jailbreaking or installing any other apps is a violation of the APS Acceptable Use Policy. Verbum Sap Sat
  • Do not turn off wifi.  Some students disable wifi because they think it will help battery life or keep the network from tracking them.  This is a bad idea.  Locating a lost iPad, removing a forgotten device code and other things require wifi to work.
  • Keep location services on – you must enable location settings when setting up your iPad and allow the Agent AirWatch access.  This helps us locate your iPad if you lose it.  We do not use it to track students.
  • Students may only use APS apple IDs and iCloud accounts on school issued iPads.  Changing to personal accounts interferes with school data saved in your school account.

 Care and maintenance:

  • Update software regularly (Settings – General – Software Update)
  • Accept all notices from Agent or AirWatch
  • Know your Apple Password – leave green/yellow card at home
  • Always make sure your iPad is in a safe location
  • Set device lock – don’t forget it
  • Always remove device lock whenever you give your iPad to an administrator or Teri
  • Clean your iPad
  • iCloud – Settings – iCloud
    • Find My iPad should be On
    • Photos should be On
      • iCloud Photo Library should be On (this automatically saves all your photos and videos to which can be accessed from any computer or restored when your iPad is erased.
      • Optimize iPad Storage – this reduces the size needed on your iPad for photos and videos
      • Upload to My Photo Stream should be off – this is an old service not needed the using iCloud Photo Library
      • iCloud Photo Sharing should be on – this is used by teachers and students
    • Backup should be Off (APS iPads can’t restore from iCloud backups)
  • Check space on iCloud – Settings – General Usage – iCloud – Manage Storage.
  • Clean up (delete) old photos and videos
  • NotabilityNotability icon
    • Settings – iCloud – on
    • Settings – Manage Accounts – Log in to Google
    • Settings – Auto-Backup –  Select Google Drive
    • Clean up files you no longer need from last year

iPad Orientation

  • Physical
    • On/off button at top
      • hold button to turn on iPad if shut down
      • click to turn off iPad display
      • hold down until you get the message to power off
    • Home button at bottom center
      • click one time to wake iPad form sleep (display off)
      • click one time to return to home screen
      • click two times to scroll between or close apps
    • lock rotation/mute button at top right
    • volume toggle on top right
    • Home button at bottom center
      • click one time to return to home screen
      • click two times to scroll between or close apps
    • 2 Cameras – front and back
    • Speaker is on bottom
    • port for usb cable to charge on bottom
    • port for headphone at top left
    • microphone is at top middle
  • Locations
    • Settings App iPadsettingsicon Connect to wifi, accounts, preferences and app settings
    • Control Center – swipe up from the bottom to for quick access to many controls
    • Notifications Center – swipe down from very top
    • Spotlight search – swipe down from middle of screen
    • Gestures –

General troubleshooting

  • Connecting to wifi – Go to settings – WiFi
    • When connecting to APS network, only use your ID# and password (no  Accept the security certificate.
    • Only connect to APS at school. Never attempt to connect to APS.Visitor, APS.Guest, etc.  This will cause problems
    • Try turning wifi on and off again
    • Select the i icon next to the wifi and “Forget This Network”.  Then connect to APS again.
  • Force restart – hold the home and power button down until the white apple logo appears.  This will resolve most issues.
  • Can’t remember device password – Do not restart your iPad!!!  Teri can remove your device lock for you if the iPad is on wifi.
  • Trouble with Accessibility Settings – your iPad may turn on certain accessibility settings such as voiceover, zoom or inverted colors when you do certain tapping or gesturing
    • Go to Settings – General – Accessibility and try to disable the accessibility setting
  • Reset Settings – If the above doesn’t resolve your issues we may need to reset your iPad by erasing all content. You can do this in Settings, but if you do, make sure you follow all the set up instructions. You may want to see Teri first to make sure all of your content has been saved.

More iOS Help

  • AirDrop – allows you to send and receive files, websites, and photos from other iOS and Mac devices nearby
  • AirPlay – allows you to connect to Apple TVs and speakers