HBW Hallelujah Project 2020

Calling all HBW alumni, faculty, parents, community member, and friends…

At the end of each H-B Woodlawn Winter Choral Concert, it has become a tradition for the combined high school choirs, string orchestra, HBW Community Choir singers, and alumni to festively perform the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.  This year, since the pandemic is preventing us from coming together in person, our Winter Concert will be a virtual event.  This creates all the more of an opportunity for an epic HBW community performance of the “Hallelujah Chorus!” Let us lift our HBW community’s spirit with a most-epic Hallelujah!  But don’t delay, the deadline to submit is now …..! 

Here’s how you can participate in the “HBW 2020 Hallelujah Project” in 4 ‘easy’ steps:


1. Start by learning and practicing the “Hallelujah Chorus” with these resources:

For our singers:

Download the Public Domain Sheet Music Here

Decide which voice part you wish to sing and use these practice audio tracks to help you learn.  (Predominant means that voice part will be heard louder than the others.  Muted means that voice part will not be heard so that you can sing along with the other voice parts.  There are benefits to practicing with each so that you can grow as a singer.)

Balanced Voices:

Piano Only:

Soprano Predominant:

Soprano Muted:

Alto Predominant:

Alto Muted:

Tenor Predominant:

Tenor Muted:

Bass Predominant:

Bass Muted:


For our instrumentalists: 

Download your public domain sheet music here: *Note – In this edition, the Hallelujah Chorus is No. 42, so be sure to start with there.  This really only affects the cello/bass part, since the other parts are each on one page. Also, the solo & Tutti markings should be disregarded. Everyone should play everything!

Violin 1

Violin 2


Cello – Bass


Trumpet 1 in C

Trumpet 2 in C


Here is a guide track with helpful counting for instrumental entrances.


2. Next, it’s time to record! 

When you are ready to record, click here for our important instructions and helpful tips!


3. After you have recorded, now it’s time to submit your file. The deadline to submit is November 30th.

Click here to submit your file through this Google Form!


4. Lastly, please contribute to the production cost:

There is a cost to professionally producing a virtual choir, and we kindly ask that each participant pay their own way.  But, feel welcomed to pay as much or as little as you are able.  If you are unable to contribute but wish to participate, please do!  If you are in a position to offer more to underwrite our students and others, please do!  The production fee is $20 per file submission, and you can submit your payment to H-B Woodlawn at this link.  Please enter the amount you wish to contribute and whatever you wish to share as the Description.


Questions??  Email bill.podolski@apsva.us


Thank you so much for participating in the 2020 H-B Woodlawn Hallelujah Project!  Bringing our voices together and singing a song of joy will be an incredible gift to our HBW Community, especially this year.  HALLELUJAH!!