Email Help

APS uses an Exchange server for our school email.  Exchange email is saved on the server, but can be accessed in many different applications (clients) or in a browser (web app) on computers and devices.

Setting up your email

Outlook Web App

Outlook Client

Email Tips

Productivity tips – Setting up folders in Mac Mail

How to Tame the Email Beast

Mail Basics – video introduction to Mac Mail

Organizing Your Mail – video shows how to create folders, SMART Mailboxes and rules to automatically organize and manage email Going Further with Mail – video shows you how to filter out junk mail, add new contacts, get street maps, add appointments to iCal, view RSS feeds, and filter out junk messages Mac 101: Address Book – create contacts and groups

Mac 101: iCal – Use iCal to keep track of all of your schedules, appointments, birthdays and to-do lists

How to set up your Exchange email on an iPad or Mobile phone