JuneTime 2015

JuneTime 2015

 This year we will continue our educational experiment, enjoying some hands-on, project-based learning and a different structure to our school day.  On Weds. 6/10, Thurs. 6/11, Fri. 6/12, and Mon. 6/15, regular classes will not meet, so that students and teachers can participate in mixed-grade seminars.  This will give us a chance to teach and learn totally different things, and make connections with HB people we don’t usually get to spend time with.  On Exposition Day, Tuesday morning 6/16, we’ll show each other what we learned during Junetime (named in honor of Juneteenth, the Emancipation Day holiday).

This year students have 17 full day and 23 half-day options. 

You’ll put your name in the lottery for AT LEAST SIX (6) seminars you’re interested in, and will participate in either ONE day-long seminar or TWO half-day seminars during Junetime. 

Based on student interest and teacher availability, not all these classes will ultimately be offered. We’ll do our best to get you into one of your choices.  Please select as many courses as possible that you’re interested in, and rank them 1-6(+).  There’s also a space for comments— let us know about any special concerns you have.

 View the CATALOG of courses here!

Ready to sign up? Click HERE to sign up for the courses you’d like to take! The courses listed on this form are ones that may still have space available.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW “Introduction to Microcomputer” Course! 

New Class!!  Introduction to Microcontrollers (half or full day)

Starting with zero experience, learn to use these tiny computers to automate your ideas, including applications to kinetic sculpture and other art pieces. Learn to control light then how to react to switches and control a motor. Finish with using a dial to set the speed of your processes. These topics are typical of first-year university students in science and engineering. Students must bring a personal laptop to the workshop (Mac or Win, old laptops are fine – See Teri if you don’t have one of your own). Full-day students will use a tutorial with my guidance to extend topics to multi-core, 7 segment display, A/D & D/A conversions and voltage dividers.