JuneTime 2013

Junetime 2013

This year we will try an educational experiment, enjoying some hands-on, project-based learning and a different structure to our school day.  Regular classes on Tuesday-Friday of the last full week of school will not meet, so that students and teachers can participate in mixed-grade seminars.  This will give us a chance to teach and learn totally different things, and make connections with HB people we don’t usually get to spend time with. 

Each student will make a list of AT LEAST SEVEN (7) seminars they’re interested in, and will participate in either ONE day-long seminar or TWO half-day seminars on June 11-14. Our class schedule for those days will be: AM Seminar, 9:30-12; Lunch, 12-1; PM Seminar, 1-3:30.

Please read over this list of seminars and talk with your TA, friends, parents and teachers as you decide which seminars you would like to sign up for!  Choose at least SEVEN seminars you’re interested in (more if you like!), and we will make every attempt to make sure everyone gets into classes they like.  

Archaeology on the Sideline.  As generations of players and spectators have come and gone, what treasures might they have dropped on the sidelines at H-B Woodlawn?  We’ll find out, as we learn the tools and practices of professional archaeologists… and search for the treasure of the class of 1989!  Jeff, HALF DAY.

Art Escapades.  Explore local galleries, discover new artists, and create your own art! This offering will consist of field trips that inspire your artistic tendencies and discussion about what you see.  Trips may include bookmaking at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, a day at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, and time investigating the Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle. The week will culminate with a visiting artist to HB and time to display the sketches and other works created during the week. If you like adventure and art, join us!  Faylinda & Reina, FULL DAY.

Automotive Systems and Basic Maintenance.  Are you interested in learning how to perform basic maintenance on your [future] vehicle? Don Beyer Volvo in Falls Church is teaming up with HBW to offer an introduction to automotive systems and basic maintenance from a certified ASE master technician for this year’s Junetime. We will take a group of students right into the mechanic shop and work on real automobiles. Come ready to learn!  Nancy & Jonathan, HALF DAY.

Badminton: The Relentless Quest for Excellence. We will not just play Badminton, fun though that is. We will also work on your serve, your basic movement patterns and your strategy. You will get noticeably better.  The course will culminate in a trip to Gunston on Friday night to play folks from outside of HB.  Dave (former HB teacher), HALF DAY.

Band Camp!  This will be a great opportunity for 6th – 11th grade band students to come together and take part in a fun and enriching musical experience.  We will divide our time into the following activities: full ensemble rehearsals culminating in a recording session of a new piece by Carl entitled “Alabanjo,” small group sessions on conducting, improvisation, music history and music theory, and last but not least – movie time!  We will enjoy band-themed classics such as “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and “Drumline.”  Hope to see you there!  Carl, HALF DAY.

Become a Food Scientist!  We are going to make food and do science together.  We’ll first learn about leavening agents and practice making the perfect pancake.  Then we’ll talk about cooking techniques that utilize a chemical compound’s structure to change the flavor and texture of food.  We’ll investigate the properties of milk to see how you can make butter and ice cream with just a little bit of muscle and endurance, and finally talk a little about nutrition and what real food scientists are working on these days!  If you can bring a large frying pan and spatula, that would be very helpful.  Kathy & Maggie, FULL DAY.

Bug Camp! Are you psyched or a little freaked out by the coming cicada invasion?  Take this opportunity to learn about these fascinating insects and many, many more, as we collect and identify insects, observe and record insect behavior, check out a local stream for invertebrates, see what shows up on a piece of decaying meat, explore insect art, become cicada experts and make “Brood II” tee-shirts! Meghan, HALF DAY.

Burning Down the House!  What does it take for a house to be firesafe?  We’ll study fire safety and make hypotheses about what will keep a structure as safe as possible from fire… then build model houses, set them on fire, and see how well they hold up!  Rebecca & Bill, HALF DAY.

Can it: Make Your Own Salsa, Jam & Chocolate Sauce.  Canning… isn’t that what they did in the olden days? Well, we still do! Think jam, jelly, salsa, tomato sauce, baked beans, juice & more.  In this class you’ll make small batches of delicious Salsa, Strawberry Jam, & Chocolate Raspberry Sauce to share with your family! We’ll discuss selecting/preparing fruit & vegetables for canning, food storage & safety. Additional recipes and step-by-step canning instructions will be provided for you to use over the summer. All grades welcome.  Vanessa, HALF DAY.

Charts, Maps, and Baseball.  We will use several texts, including Craig Robinson’s infographic book “Flip Flop Fly Ball” to explore some unusual historical and statistical aspects of our national pastime.  Using analytic and research skills, students will study and discuss charts, graphs, and maps involving the game and make their own.  Graham, HALF DAY.

Comedy Improv: Think Fast and Act!  Improvisation is a great way to sharpen your wits and exercise your imagination…plus, it’s FUN! We’ll cover improvisation technique, physicalizing action, ensemble work, and situational and prompted improv through traditional and non-traditional exercises.  Improv – you’re better at it than you think!  No prior experience necessary.  Diana & Tom, HALF DAY.

Current Events Without Bias.  Are you tired of reading, listening to and watching news that always seems to come from a certain perspective?  Learn how to identify bias in the media and cut through the one-sided portrayal of the news to figure out the truth!  This seminar is perfect for people who enjoy following current events or who would like to learn more about what’s happening in the world—and who want to develop a critical eye towards the media.  Elly, HALF DAY.

Dancing with the [H-B] Stars.  Swing! Foxtrot! Merengue! Waltz! Rumba! Cha-cha! Salsa!  This class will introduce you to these dance steps and more, as you watch, learn and practice leading AND following in ballroom dance.  You’ll also learn how to identify the beat and apply these dance steps to popular music, so you can amaze your friends and family at school dances, weddings, quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.!  Anne, HALF DAY.

Design and Build a Geodesic Dome.  Buckminster Fuller is not the name of some obscure college or a long-lost hair brush salesman. He was an innovative thinker who developed many inventions and architectural designs, including the geodesic dome. If you are interested in architecture and building, you may enjoy learning about Buckminster Fuller and working with other students to design and construct our own HBW geodesic dome. The final product of this Junetime activity may be used by our school gardeners as a frame for a geometrical greenhouse.  Neal, FULL DAY.

Design Thinking.  Do you ever find yourself designing new products, sketching a cooler iPod, or lamenting how uncomfortable chairs can be? Are you someone who likes thinking big and “outside the box”? This session is all about innovation, creativity, and new ideas. During our time together, you will be immersed in a new way to solve problems called design thinking. We’ll start by using this approach to re-design a specific product for a partner – a backpack, wallet, locker, lunchbox, or anything. Then, in a team or solo, you will unleash the power of design thinking to solve a problem or create a product for your friends, classmates, teachers, anyone. Who knows what you might create?  Alex, HALF DAY.

Embassy Adventures – Touring Embassies in DC!  Is there a severed head in the Croatian embassy?   Are there lost jewels hidden in the walls of the embassy of Colombia?   What’s that mysterious sound coming from the walls of the Egyptian embassy?  Join us as we travel along Embassy Row in downtown D.C, taking advantage of all that the embassies from around the world have to offer.  We will take tours… eat… and explore these amazing, historic buildings.  Then on Friday we will plan a fun outing like kayaking, exploring Georgetown or wandering around Dupont Circle.  You will need money for the subway each day.  You may also want some extra cash for coffee/snacks.  Carolyn & Catherine, FULL DAY.

Environmental Art.  Art can improve your relationship with the natural world! Environmental art can be ephemeral (made to change or disappear); it can be designed for a particular outdoor space (and can’t be moved); it can reclaim damaged environments and make them beautiful!  In this seminar we will view, appreciate and create art that interprets and uses nature and natural processes, and that re-envisions our relationship to the environment.   Alison, HALF DAY.

Everybody into the Pool!  Students who already know how to swim will have the opportunity to learn Lifeguarding, Water Polo or Small Craft Safety at the Yorktown swimming pool.  Mary, HALF DAY.

Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind!  Biking, Hiking, Kayaking and Yoga.  Enjoy the outdoors (mostly) with a variety of fun-filled activities making the most of area resources.  Students participating in this seminar must be able to swim (requirement for kayaking) and should have their own bicycle and helmet.  Small payment may be required for kayak rental, but scholarships are available if needed.  The exact schedule of activities will be not be set until shortly before Junetime to account for weather conditions.  There will be both a FULL-DAY and a HALF-DAY version of this seminar.

        Julie & Patti, FULL-DAY SEMINAR 

        Theresa, HALF-DAY SEMINAR  

Fun with STEM.  A series of seminars on science and math-related subjects, including: Learning Calculus with a Rope and a Cell Phone… How to make BioDiesel… Everyday Engineering to Make the World Better… Tree Identification and Planting… Watershed Walks… student interests will determine which topics are offered!  Jim (former HB teacher), HALF DAY.

Come learn the basics of one of oldest languages in the world.  We will learn to read Hebrew (block and script), and to write the alphabet (script).  We will also learn useful vocabulary for basic conversation.  Michael M., HALF DAY.

How to play Bridge, the classic card game.  Bridge is the most sophisticated of card games.  To be successful, you need to communicate with your partner using special codes, decipher information from your opponents’ codes, calculate mathematical probabilities, and use sound judgment.  It’s a game played by both society ladies and captains of industry!  We’ll learn in steps, with a bit of theory each day followed by lots of card-playing.  You’ll end up a sophisticated candidate for high society! Jacob and Mark Dodge, HALF DAY.  

Human Evolution – Where did people come from? What were the forces that shaped our bodies, minds and culture?  We will review the evidence for the origin of our family, genus and species, visit the Smithsonian Hall of Human Origins, and say the name “Homo Erectus” so many times it might cease to be funny.  Dave (former HB teacher), HALF DAY.

Linguistics   Do you like puzzles? Would you like to learn to write in code? Are you curious about how languages work? If so, linguistics is for you. We will learn about syntax and semantics, but will spend most of our time on morphology — focusing on Greek and Latin roots and phonetics, focusing on manner/mode of articulation and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).  Michael M., HALF DAY.

Mock Trial.  This session will simulate the American legal system – a speedy trial before a jury of one’s peers! You’ll have the opportunity to try cases as an attorney, deliver testimony as a witness, and do your best to convince the jury to find in your favor. This mock trial experience will be fast paced – you should be ready and willing to work with your team and comfortable with speaking in front of others. You will learn about the law, polish your presentation skills, and have an experience you won’t forget! Casey & Kelli, HALF DAY.

Model General Assembly.  Become a legislator for the week!  You’ll identify issues you care about, draft legislation, meet with lobbyists, debate and vote with your fellow legislators!  You will also have a chance to meet and speak with local delegates and senators.  This is a great chance to learn about how government works and how you can make a difference.  If you love politics, this is for you!  Leah (outside government expert) & HB staff (TBA), HALF DAY.

Oh the Places We’ll Go!  Your body is a powerful machine…and it can get you places! Using our feet (walking, jogging, biking) we will explore places near and far and soak in the natural beauty and culture which surrounds us. Group will determine excursions based on our overall fitness and interests. Wear comfortable clothing and prepare for extremes. Pack a camera, lunch, energy snacks and H2O. (Possible outings: Hiking Potomac Overlook trail to the Potomac River; walking to Georgetown and C& O Canal; bike-ride to Mt. Vernon; etc.)  Cecilia, FULL DAY.

Orienteering & Geocaching.  Do you like maps and the great outdoors?  Race against the clock as you navigate through the local terrain using a compass and a map… and search for hidden treasure using your GPS to follow hints from local geocachers!  Orienteering is a sport in the World Games and the World Police and Fire Games, and Geocaching is a free, real-world treasure hunt in every corner of the world.  Using old technology and new, you will learn how to navigate the world around you in new ways.  Sally, Eleanor & Mark Dickson, HALF DAY.

Revisit Odyssey of the Mind!  This week you could… build the strongest, tallest tower of pasta—in seven minutes!  Create and tell an original story with special effects and a surprise ending!  Remake history when you take on the role of a famous ruler—and imagine what would happen if s/he made one radically different decision!  Become an archeologist and explain the purpose of an everyday object!  Maybe you were an Odyssey of the Mind champion when you were younger… or maybe you’ve always wondered just what this “odyssey” is!  Unleash your creativity as you work with other students to tell crazy stories, design and create new things, solve problems, and have a great time!  Alison, HALF DAY.

Sci-Fi & Contemporary TV Series.  A better description for this class: Contemporary TV:  What happens when the BBC tries to update Robin Hood, seeking the Millenial audience?  When the machines have more faith than man, does that make them better than the humans in Battlestar Galactica?  What is the Whedonverse?  Is the language of Joss Whedon really that unique in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?  How does cinematography and storytelling impact the popularity of Firefly?  Get a taste and see what makes each of them a classic.    Write your first and last names here if you would like to take this seminar!Theresa, HALF DAY.

S.P.I.T (Songs, Poetry, Instrumentation, and Tracks) In this seminar, we will look at the different types of rap music as well as the culture and religion of hip hop. There will also be songwriting, freestyle, battles and so much more!  Come if you love music and / or want to learn more!  Stefan, HALF DAY.

Sewing 101.  Are you crafty, or do you want to be?  Learn to use a sewing machine and do some basic craft sewing projects.  No experience necessary!  Perfect for people who already know a little or who want to learn basic sewing skills.  Jennifer, Leigh & Judy, HALF DAY.

Sewing 2—Make it Cool / Make it Fit!  This sewing class is for students who want to focus on making projects out of clothes they already have in their closets.  Thrift store shopping time will be built into the agenda!  Find something awful and make it amazing in Sewing 2!  (Students who want extra time learning how to use a sewing machine are encouraged to take Sewing 101 in addition to Sewing 2!).  Jennifer, HALF DAY.

Soccer: “The Beautiful Game”.  Spend your Junetime afternoons immersed in the international culture, history, and action of soccer!  Students will form both boys’ and girls’ teams to compete in a bracketed tournament for championship honors… and fun, of course.  In addition, you’ll learn individual skills and team tactics for offense and defense, and hone your skills in passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, etc. No experience necessary!  All are welcome!  Paul & Michael C., HALF DAY.

Strategies for Rubik’s Cube, Chess, Scrabble, and Backgammon.  Develop your thinking skills while you learn the strategies for many popular games and an easy method to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Discuss strategy while engaging in friendly competition.  Attendees need their own Rubik’s Cube; and if you have a chess, Scrabble, or Backgammon game that you can bring that would be helpful too!  Laurie & Rachel S., HALF DAY.

The Curse of the Bambino and Reversing the Curse: the Storied History of the Red Sox of Boston.  Baseball fans, lovers of history, and anyone who likes a good story will enjoy this lively history of the Boston Red Sox.  From 1918 to 2004, the Red Sox—arguably the best baseball team in history—failed to win the World Series.  Was it a curse?  How was the curse reversed?  Why is this nation divided between fans of the Sox and fans of the Yankees?  We’ll read newspaper reports and watch pivotal moments from some of the greatest games.  You’ll get to know the greatest baseball players from history, and come to appreciate baseball like you never have before.  Brian, HALF DAY.

The Week-long Musical Project.  Based on an experiment by Broadway professionals to create a musical production in 24 hours from scratch, we will attempt the same task in the span of a week.  Together we will create the story, the songs, the actors, the dance moves, the set, the costumes, the blocking, everything to make a musical happen… starting with NOTHING!  This project will need talents of all types: writers, builders, dancers, singers, composers, musicians, engineers, etc.  It will either be an amazing triumph, or a complete disaster, but no matter what, you should be a part of the adventure!  Bill P., FULL DAY.

Think, See And Draw Like An Architect!  We spend our days in buildings.  How do architects imagine and create buildings that are unique and beautiful, that make people and their surroundings happy?  Learn how to imagine something new from the visions of great architects and engineers of history.  Try your hand at perspective drawing, one of the tools for communicating that vision.  Learn how to draw orthographic projections (plans, sections, and elevations), the way architects communicate what to build.  Bring a sketchbook and pencils or pens, and we’ll explore the built environment around school.  In addition, we’ll study the architectural drawings for HB’s music wing, and we will design our own additions to HB Woodlawn! Kris & Liz, HALF DAY.

Travel with Google Earth.  Are you a world traveler, or would you like to be one?  Merge your love of travel, world cultures and adventure with the awesomeness that is Google Earth as you learn to use that tool for more than just finding your house online!  Learn to annotate Google Earth with placemarks, paths and polygons; add photo and image overlays; use snapshot views and create narrated tours of destinations near and far!  Eleanor, HALF DAY.

Video Games & Society.  Video games isolate you… but they teach you teamwork! They encourage violence… but they teach you to think strategically! They fry your brain… but they develop decision-making skills!  In this seminar we will read about, discuss and play many different types of video games (puzzles, teamwork, party games, war strategy, etc.) to examine public opinions vs. the reality of video games impact on individuals, society the human brain.  Sean, HALF DAY.

Web Design.  Learn the basics of web design. You see websites everyday; how would you like to create your very own? In this class, we will talk about CSS, html, domains (you will create your own email domain), forms, embedding, and much more. But that’s not all! We will also take a look at JavaScript, Google APIs, and Excel Functions.  Zunair & Rebecca, HALF DAY.