Ancient History

Creation Myths we have picture books, graphic novels, and books in the 290’s that tell these stories. You will find a list of many from our libraries in a “Resource List” in the library’s catalog called “Mark- Creation Myths.” .  But look up the name of your country or civilization in the catalog for more.  Fill out an “inter-library loan” request sheet at Carol’s desk to get books from other libraries.

Databases to consult:

  • World History 
  • Religions from InfoBase is superb for visuals, bring to life the creation myths you are studying.
  • World Book Encyclopedia
  • Britannica
  • Proquest E-Book Central provides additional e-books but might be more detailed than you need.

Books on the history of ancient civilizations are in the 930’s of our shelves. Mythology books are in various locations, especially the 290’s.  Using the catalog will get you additional books on countries and civilizations, including our expanding e-book collections from MackinVia and Follett Destiny Discover.

Bibliography Support:

  • Take the bibliography seriously; it might require more time than you think, but the demands of your PSP during 11th grade require experience with creating expert Works Cited pages.  Verbum Sap Sat.
  • Use MLA-8 format.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Use NoodleTools or one of the other citation engines described here.
  • At the top, center of your page goes this title:  Works Cited.  It needs to be in plain text, not underlined or any larger than the rest of your fonts on the bibliography.
  • Other formatting rules to follow are in this checklist before you turn in your final copy.
  • Sample Bibliography.
  • There are important “indenting and line spacing” rules to follow in MLA-8 (as shown in the sample bibliography above) that are difficult to achieve if you are making your Works Cited page from scratch in a Google doc. The library staff is unable to provide those “how-to’s”, but there are others in the building who might be able to help.