New Building on Wilson

These photos are artist renderings of the architect’s design for the new school. See the full Architect’s presentation from July 20, 2016.  Construction is scheduled to begin in 1917. The H-B Woodlawn Program will move to Wilson in the fall of 2019.

On December 18, 2014, to address future overcrowding at the middle school level, the School Board voted to move H-B Woodlawn to a site in Rosslyn currently occupied by the Wilson School. H-B Woodlawn, the HILT program, and the Stratford Program will begin the 2019-2020 school year at a newly constructed building on the site. The estimated capacity of the building will be 775.  H-B Woodlawn will grow by 10% by 2019 to accommodate the crowding in Arlington

A new 1,000 seat neighborhood middle school will occupy the current building on Vacation Lane, starting in 2019 as well.   Construction on Vacation Lane for the new middle school will  start in 2018.  The School Board hasn’t yet decided if the building will open with all three grades or only 6 and 7.

Construction of the new H-B Woodlawn building on Wilson will  begin in 2017.

Building Level Planning Committees (BLPC) for both campuses began in April of 2015.

For all of the information about these projects, please go to the County Design pages:

Proposal to build temporary fire station on Wilson school site July 1, 2016

Architect’s presentation to School Board for action on July 20, 2016