H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

1601 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209

Phone: 703-228-6363 Fax: 703-528-5073


Casey Robinson
Casey Robinson

Casey Robinson is the Principal of H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program.
Graham McBride
Graham McBride
Assistant Principal

Graham McBride is an Assistant Principal at H-B Woodlawn.
Kate Seche
Kate Seche
Assistant Principal

Kate Seche is an Assistant Principal at H-B Woodlawn.

Office Staff

Kathy Funes
Kathy Funes
School Finance Officer

Kathy Funes is the School Finance Officer. As the school bookkeeper, Kathy handles all the school finances, ordering supplies and textbooks. She also handles payroll and is the substitute coordinator (STAN).
Vanessa Piccorossi
Vanessa Piccorossi
Attendance Secretary

Vanessa Piccorossi is an Administrative Assistant at H-B Woodlawn. In addition to being HBW’s attendance secretary, Vanessa (HBW 1989) welcomes students and visitors to the office, serves as Casey’s assistant, and hosts our Twitter account, @HBWProgram. If she can’t answer your questions, she knows who to ask!


Christina Herrera
Christina Herrera
Administrative Assistant

Christina Herrera is an Administrative Assistant at H-B Woodlawn. She works closely with H-B families and staff during the development and review of IEPs and 504 plans. She also coordinates with the student services team during student support meetings.
Ana Castillo
Ana Castillo

Ana Castillo is an Administrative Assistant at H-B Woodlawn.  As the school Registrar, she manages our student information system (SIS).  In addition to registering new students, she works with students who are transferring, withdrawing, or want a schedule change. Ana enters all the student course requests into the SIS to provide data needed to build the master schedule. She reviews and verifies student information, including report cards grades and graduation requirements and prepares various reports such as transcripts, report cards, and class schedules.
Fatima Pasada
Fatima Posada
Guidance Secretary, College Liaison

Fatima Posada is an Administrative Assistant at H-B Woodlawn.  As the College Liaison and Guidance Secretary, she works closely with juniors and seniors as they apply for college and schedules and coordinates all college admission counselor visits.


Rosie Walker
Activities Coordinator

Chontel “Rosie” Walker is the School Activities Coordinator. She coordinates school field trips and after-school activities. Her office is in room 110.
Kathy Gust
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Kathy Gust is the Instructional Technology Coordinator. She coordinates all of the instructional technology at H-B Woodlawn, working with students and teachers.

Profile Photo of Debi Patterson

Debi Patterson
Testing Coordinator

Debi Patterson is the Testing Coordinator. She coordinates all of the standardized testing at H-B, including AP, PSAT, SOL, W!SE, and Access.  She arranges testing locations, times, and proctors.
Meg Davis
Special Education Coordinator

Meg Davis is the Special Education Coordinator. She supports staff and families on special education matters, conducts student observations, chairs meetings related to the special education process, works to maintain compliance with procedures and policies, and collaborates as a team member to help with other special education issues.

See the Student Services Team.


Daniel Degarcia
Daniel Degarcia
Maintenance Supervisor

Daniel Degarcia is the head custodian at H-B Woodlawn.
Marcos Rubio
Marcos Rubio
Maintenance Supervisor

Marcos Rubio is the Maintenance Supervisor in the evenings.


Juan Terrazas
Juan Terrazas
Cafeteria Manager

Juan Terrazas is the Cafeteria Manager at H-B Woodlawn.