More Clubs @HB

Please see Kristale for additional info about these clubs!

Club Name When  Where Contact
Stem Connect Mondays at TA
Book Club Thursdays at lunch
UNCIEF Friday at I block
TAB Monday at lunch
HIVE Monday at lunch Anuraag’s room
Tri-M Wednesday at I block
HMC February 21-24
Young People of Color Tuesdays at lunch
HB Action Meeting times will be announced
FBLA Monday at I block
Chess Club 1st Wednesday of the month
Young Democrats 1st Tuesday or the month
Playwrights Forum Friday at lunch
She’s the First Twice a month Carolyn’s room
Girls Frisbee Practice Tuesday and Friday
Boys Frisbee Practice Wednesday and Friday
Green Club Monday at lunch
Basement Dwellers (Art Club) Mon/Tues/Wed until 5:30 Art Room
Environmental Club 1st Thursday of the month
Model General Assembly Meeting times will be announced
GSA Friday at lunch
Students Demand Action Thursday at I block
NAS I block Wednesday
YANA I block Friday
SASV Wednesday at lunch
Math Club Tuesday at lunch