Frequently Asked Questions about H-B’s Future

Exterior rendering
Exterior rendering of new school on Wilson Blvd

I hear H-B Woodlawn is moving to Rosslyn – when is that happening?

We will be moving into our new building on Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn in the Fall of 2019.

Is the Stratford Program moving with us?

Yes, although during the 2018-2019 school year they will move to the Reed Building in Westover, temporarily, to make way for construction here on Vacation Lane. They will meet back up with us in the Fall of 2019 in Rosslyn and we will continue to be co-located.

What will happen to our current home on Vacation Lane?

APS will turn our current building into its 6th comprehensive middle school, also to open in fall of 2019. They will build an addition on the west side of the building, closest to Old Dominion Drive, in the lower parking lot area currently used by the Stratford Program. There will be minimal improvements inside the current structure, and those will take place in the summer months of 2018 and 2019, when no students are in the building. Once construction begins monthly updates will get posted to the APS project website.

When will construction begin on our new building in Rosslyn?

Demolition of the former structure, the Wilson School, began in the summer of 2017. Construction of our new building is currently underway.   Monthly construction updates are posted to the APS project website.

When will construction begin on the addition to our current building?

Crews will begin surveying and doing work outside the building during the late winter/early spring of 2018. Actual construction will begin after school dismisses in June 2018 and when the Stratford Program has moved.

What is happening on the upper field (Stratford Park), closest to Old Dominion Drive and the tennis courts?

This project is independent of APS. Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation, which owns Stratford Park, is overhauling the baseball field to make it a state of the art youth baseball complex, much like a field at Barcroft Park. They are also renovating the basketball and tennis courts on the park site, and adding picnic and bleacher seating, all ADA accessible. This project is expected to be complete before the APS project begins on our site.